March to your own drum: Rhythm and Identity Lesson Plan

I’m really excited about this one! After seeing the kick-off of Chicago Human Rhythm Project’s Stomping Grounds, I can’t stop thinking about all the amazing performances and the traditions they represent.


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Happy Chicago Dance Month!

…And other happenings.

There’s lots going on this month (besides the weird half sun half snow weather).


Stomping Grounds– 4/4, 4/16, 4/27 and more! This program is so spectacular, bringing together rhythmic dance organizations from across the city, with traditions across the world and for FREE!

4/9- Visceral Dance Spring Three, Harris Theater for Music and Dance

4/8-4/10- Time Steps, Chicago Tap Theatre at Stage 773

4/7-4/16- Tea Project, Links Hall

4/14- Ma(s)king Her- Honey Pot Performance at the Pritzker Pavilion

4/21- Audience Architect Event- Rogers Park High School

4/29-5/1- Spring Dance Festival– Glenwood Dance Studio, Indian Boundary Park